Mountain temple Bala Krishna

We reach France late in the afternoon, and rain is spewing all over the motorway, trucks stopped everywhere, you can’t see anything but sequential flashes from all around, gods driving forwards.

Zurich is a distant dream, that seems to come real in the early hours, arriving to warm company in a mansion overlooking the lake. We’re fed, beer rehydrates me after a nervous last stretch with Swami veering all across the road in his 20th hour of the day driving and me nudging the steering wheel a little when cars are trying to overtake. Shakti appeared to be dying in the back for a while – her breath becoming really exhaustive and loud, and then after hours of this I found a toxic link with the air conditioning.

And I am here on my bed at this mountain chalet high up in the Davos valley. There’s still snow on the peaks of the surrounding mountains, and every day we’re treated to quite a spectacle of clouds and fog displays.

On the weekend, I suddenly realised I had to build something to protect my shrine. I’m in a communal dorm, with 8 beds in, and upto that point my shrine had been on a stall on the floor. I constructed a shelf, attached to my bedposts, and people arrived for the cleaning weekend before I was even finished. But little by little, I transferred my shrine to its new home, and felt an instant sense of something really good. It was like as if something had just clicked into place, a key finding its tree.

We’re due to be finishing building work of a Shiva temple here that is to be inaugurated in October. I came because I was asked to come, but it’s just another place to be with the same me that is wherever I am. I am totally taken aback, still, from my experiences on the Isle of Wight a few weeks ago, when i felt completely enwrapped in the comforting arms of something that was telling me that everything is okay, that whole worlds are waiting patiently for me for when the time becomes right again. The temple is built inside, always, first. If that doesn’t happen, then there’s no benefit from building a temple.

I strained my back the other day, and it’s beautiful to feel slightly immobilised again. But, last time I strained it was just about 6 weeks ago, so I feel it may be something bigger going on.

Amazingly, right before leaving Skanda Vale, I met a lady who gave me a lovely picture of Maha Lakshmi, who I have had a very strong connection with since last summer for mystic reasons, and the picture is named ‘Jasmine’. Ah, my first sister’s birthday, ten, in two days time. It all comes home when all the nonsense of worldly stuff crashes down!


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