Misty mountain hearts

Every so often
My closed heart opens a little
And I see such intense yearning
For closeness,
Or even just for expression,
Like as if it’s been so so long
Since I screamed
Tara’s tears
Into the face of the Buddha.

I miss so, so much
And yet,
I see this being a most important time
Where the things I miss most
Are somehow
Besides the point
In the building of this temple.

A long time ago
I ran every morning
And on my last run
Received the blessing
Of realising
That I am now to train
For a whole marathon –
Double my longest ever distance.
And since then
I’ve taken it easy
And just focused on my work
And rested up
Before the real training starts:
Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Throw your arms around me,
I will keep you warm
As your tears
Break the silence of our hearts,
We are united,
No matter what we say
Or do,
It’s all the same.
Love is shared
No matter where
Or who
We are.
I will never
This fountain
Of love


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