Sai Soma Skanda Avatara

I was being chased, haunted, by small people that wanted my life. I was able to escape, until one moment my body became paralysed. Just as death seemed quite sure, I realised myself in another place. A dark, large hall, completely empty but for two figures stood on opposite corners of the hall.


Their presence was absolute, total. Satya and Shirdi Sai Baba. But the image of Shirdi Sai Baba I saw was actually the image is his disciple Sadguru Sri Upasni Maharaj. I wake a while later in awe at what I’ve witnessed. And it stays with me, through everything.

I get dizzy spells every day – but even within those spells Sai Baba is always there. Before, after and during anything, Sai Baba is there. I never thought anything of Sai Baba before, but now Sai is within everything, suddenly. It doesn’t quite make sense, so I’m just going along with things and watching it run it’s cause.

And Sai is definitely, overwhelmingly almost, in this temple here at Soma Skanda Ashram.


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