A few good words

It’s amazing what a few good words can do. So, here goes.

Alex, you see the light so clearly, travelling with you was the most magical time of my life, you great lover of everything in the world, you.

Jass, you know that you’re always going the right way even if it doesn’t feel so easy all the time and people don’t understand you. It’s because your instincts are what you are, and if that isn’t the core of being a living being then I don’t know what is.

Judi, you’re just generally a very very beautiful person.

Nat, you hold the belief and strength to affect the whole world around you, and, well, to carry the whole world.

Linda, given the chance to thrive, you are such a warming and nourishing presence.

Mum, you support me and guide me when there’s nothing or noone else, and I understand you’ll always do that no matter what. That is a work of the divine if nothing else is.

Mandy, everyone becomes somewhat happier when you’re around. You’ve never noticed this because you’ve never experienced when you’re not around.

Anja, you make my heart skip a beat, in a good way. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather stay up really late at night with than you. Maybe I’m not able to be so objective in this, but I see you as such a beautiful person in so many ways.

James, you remind me of several other people who became inspired to look after the lives of young people. You’re effectively massively influencing the world to come in just hanging out with and supporting the kids on the streets.

Dad, I have learnt so much about my admiration for you over recent years. I never thought I’d love you and as my father, but you gave up all the crap that distanced us and worked so unconditionally on our relationship. It’s hard to put into words how incredible it has been for me that you did this, and even continue to do this. I see beneath what most others see on the surface – you often have quite a harsh exterior, but inside is so so special, and I really look forward to reconnecting with that again at the right time.

Naomi, I don’t know what inspired you to ring me that fateful afternoon when your relationship was nearing its end and you were having a panic attack at the time. But your soul was yearning for something I could provide it, you treated me as a teacher of sorts in that time, and that gave me the ability to share things that normally I wouldn’t have the chance to share. You’re hurting a lot, and yet you see so so much light beyond all the pain, and it’s very beautiful to see you seeing light beyond that pain, it’s almost like receiving darshan of the light through you.

Ray, you took on so much that I passed on to you. I was holding this big movement of people yearning for spirituality, and I jumped at the opportunity that you offered. I knew it could be a bit much for you, but you transformed people’s lives and could only have done that with such a direct continuous communication with something way beyond yourself. You say that I gave you so much, but you totally took on what I couldn’t really do myself because I’m not a wide old chap like you. I just had the energy for change and the thrust of spiritual something or other, but you had the tools to build something out of the materials I gave you, and what you built was like a triple rainbow whilst it’s snowing.

Swami Narayana, you hold so much influence and yet focus strongly on bringing things out of me that you see. It’s because of your that I’ve been in Switzerland for six months. It’s because of you that I’ve drummed and blown the conch every single day since being here. And it’s partly because of you that I know so clearly now that I need to father my children. You’ve given me encouragement that few others have ever even hinted at, and you took a massive gamble on me that I’m so happy paid off so strongly.

James, I’ve never quite known what’s brought us together. But that’s a good thing. We’ve been the best of friends without really having anything in common for 12 years, and so our tie is so strong because there’s nothing really tying us together. I imagine you’re the closest I have to a ‘friend for life’.

And Swami Durga, thanks for letting me build this temple with you this summer. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you – you’ve made me turn from a slap-dash worker into a good worker. And when you talk spiritual things, there’s noone quite like it. You talk so much from the heart, you resonate such a clear knowing from experience that nothing can compare to.

The end. For now at least 😂 these are just people that came to my mind whilst writing – not necessarily in any clear order, just the order that they came to me in. This was inspired by receiving a really really heart-warming email from Ian, a guy with a Buddhist background who I was the first to really talk to when he first came to Skanda Vale. His most recent email is incredibly praising of me and my actions, and I feel really good from it, so I thought it be good to offer such words to different key people in my life too.

And don’t worry if you’re missed out – everyone that I’ve met in this life has had some kind of really nice quality, which maybe is noticeable and maybe no so much noticeable. Our connections of the heart have always been so so beautiful, and there are very few people that have rejected to allow their heart to do this. So Thankyou, everybody 😂


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