An interview with Aum

[previously unpublished]
Written late October 2016

Babaji’s words ring a jingle throughout my head for days.

‘Keep giving seva to Lord Shiva.’

The Swamis make comments about me in a white dhoti and red silk shirt. I’d make fine Swami material, I’ve been told a few times before. There’s a bit of a hubbubaloo about my situation in life, that drags itself on till the seminar the following weekend. I felt quite clear for ages that I will sometime bear children and so monkhood cannot be for me, but suddenly with all the stir and the excitements from the weekend I’m starting to imagine myself in brown robes. Brother Simon.

I go over and over these words. How am I to offer seva in the best way to Shiva? Sure, there’s more to do in the temple, and I can really give myself a huge amount to the selfless service, but it feels like there is also a whole world of Shiva everywhere, to offer myself completely to.


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