Detachment from sensual wonder

[previously unpublished]
Written November/December 2016

It’s funny that
You can live in the most spectacular place
And it becomes normal
To see everything
As so
And so

I live one day in the life of a teenager, awe-struck quite suddenly by the limitless potential of everything, because something very beautiful enters my heart. And then, I get a very clear message in the temple to let go of everything, because everything is transient and not mine. But it takes quite some time to try to understand this. Why let go of everything when it feels so good to hold on to it?
In the world of Maha Kali, you offer one thing to Mother and you offer your whole understanding of existence to Mother. There are no half measures.

So I fall in love a bit. It just comes, and either I can embrace it or run away from it. I’ve prayed for many years for a world where I can embrace all that is going on inside of me, no matter how good or bad it may be, and so I have to embrace this wonderful sensation of falling in love. It doesn’t matter if she’s here, or there, or anywhere, in an ultimate sense. It’s the energy inside of me that’s scaling me up and down the heights of ecstasy, and my own abilities to just let it happen.


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