Discontentment at low altitude

[previously unpublished]
Written just before Christmas 2016

Arriving back in Skanda Vale Wales has been a very mixed experience. Knackered when we got here, I crashed out in my old room for the night turning off one alarm after the other until 11, when I stirred properly.

The pujas have been odd. The energy feels almost really lacking. Whereas we’d give it absolutely our all for every single puja in Soma Skanda ashram, here it feels kind of sleepy, and even the Shakti mahabishekam this evening was a mostly sleepy affair. Everybody’s drumming slows down throughout each bhajan, like to the point of near stopping at times, and it’s very hard to sing when the drummer is going much slower than you’re trying to sing. And the acoustics are strange in the Murugan temple and the Shakti temple. But, the Vishnu temple is pretty mega awesome. There’s something much more raw, and alive, in the Vishnu temple.

It’s been great to see the extended family some more. Deep communications with Vikram through kind of dog-talk. Telling stories of Switzerland to those who haven’t been yet.
But there’s key family members missing. Swami Durga, David and Linda and Celina, Ralph… and it feels now strange that the love stuff has subsided somewhat. It was really all-encompassing even a week ago, but somehow it’s shifted somewhat.

And it’s feeling more and more important that I set up my shrine properly when I arrive, and hold regular pujas.


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