Sri Kamala Lakshmi Namostute

[previously unpublished]
Written late December 2016

Whenever she comes to me, Maha Lakshmi is watching over.

Whenever my heart thrive, and cries for comfort, Maha Lakshmi is there.

Whenever I feel even the littlest bit lost, Maha Lakshmi carries a lamp lighting the way.

Wherever I am, Maha Lakshmi is somewhere nearby.

This isn’t meant to be poetic or lyrical, or metaphorical. It is what I feel and experience throughout life now. I give the name of Maha Lakshmi because it makes it easy to find her in a worldly sense. But really she carries no name. She just is there, watching everything that happens and ask that I do. It’s just this essence of someone divinely beautiful. This is partly why I was so taken away by my experiences with Anja – because, to me, she’s so very beautiful, in all ways, that she carries a very similar energy to Maha Lakshmi. Maybe it was that I wanted more of Lakshmi in my life, and I saw Anja as being able to offer that.

I feel so thoroughly energetically frustrated – there’s so so much Shakti inside of me, and it’s not able to go anywhere. It’s just there. Now more than ever, I feel I need to share that energy with someone compatible, and it doesn’t have to even be for any purpose other than transcending the shakti inside of me into good vibrations. It could be through dancing, or playing music, or physical intimacies, or whatever…. As long as it’s shared with someone else in a good way…


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