This is end

[previously unpublished]
Written April/May 2016

We see where we are
And shut our eyes
As the bhakti birds weep
All through the bronze
Of the dawn.
Your touch electrocutes me.
Like the white peacock who walks
Past me
On crowded pavements, with wings outstretched,
Whenever I seem to doubt a little.

We hold hands
And time becomes imaginary.
We’re just breathing the same breath,
Tasting the same cool air.

I lay here
And you are not here.
It is like when I used to dream of being in the arms
Of she who I loved so dearly
And then I’d wake
And cold.

My heart beats for something it doesn’t have,
And my skin wants replenishment
And my kidneys want tenderness
And my hair wants to be loved
And my feet want to be free
And my hands want to hold other hands.
And here I am.
In a slump,
Missing everybody,


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