Tumeho Veda puraan

[previously unpublished]
Written November 2016

The heart-wrench of a first heart-to-heart in months mixed with brief spurts of destructive worldliness…. The things I came so deeply away from, both good and bad things, already at the same time, as a dance of the Maha Nataraja.

Everything has calmed. Yesterday was the final day of the inauguration of this great temple. Jagadambe bhavani ma, Jai ma, Jai ma, Jai ma. I almost blacked out as the first murthi, Lord Ganesh, was being brought out of the niche for mahabishekam. I blew the conch long, and felt everything disappearing, thinking that it was going to be like inauguration Sunday all over again when I passed out a number of times. But things became serene. Everything just simply flowed into being, and I had nothing to worry abut.


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