Three mists and the fire that ignited the sky

Seventy million stars shattering
And a breath creating crystals
And jellyfish inside an octopus
And the most majestic cliffs inside dungeons
And grass blowing out from your eyes
And thoughts about sleep
And letters written on computers
And swimming dressed as the ocean
And sunrises above the cloudline
And fires with rainbows shooting out
And mountain girls
And children playing poker
And staying home on a Saturday night
And badgers living in fox dens
And foxes living in rabbit burrows
And rabbits living in garden hutches
And skies without aeroplanes
And feeling emotions and not giving them names
And going to sleep every night cuddling the girl I love in the form of a teddy bear
And cobbled streets
And walking barefoot in the pissing rain
And loving life without money or friends or a job
And wanting to be a dad
And looking for shooting stars
And thinking and feeling love for one girl every single day for months without questioning it
And feeling happy
And crystal bowl soup
And croutons on toast
And dreaming of stars
And chasing squirrels across trees
And catching your lips in mine
And waking up again
And chanting to Sai Baba
And sleeping in the snow and waking buried in snow but you in my arms and warm
And singing lullabies in folk clubs
And hitching lifts in tractors
And drinking homemade scrumpy made out of rotten apples and water
And leaving the doors unlocked
And driving motorbikes naked
And making a wish upon Mars
And sharing lunch with tramps
And screaming in the streets at nighttime
And keeping the party going constantly
And breathing for the sake of breathing
And worshipping my love with a wildflower garland
And beer hymns
And flying whilst running
And singing on trains
And placing a policeman under citizens arrest
And declaring oneself free
And cuddling foxes
And going where the wind blows
And singing like kingfishers
And wishing for no more wishes
Just to enjoy
What is here.


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