Invigorated to fight

It may come as a shock to some, but we beings in this ‘Western’ existence are so bloody trapped by the tools of the society that we’re inane, lost, and beaten.

There is no way to freedom except through the Absolute, and even that is depicted as a part of the stream of the mainstream.

Our water is full of poisons. Our food would never naturally be consumed. The air is bloody and bruised. There is a constant hum wherever you go, deep in the background, that controls how our minds work. Our electronic devices give us arthritis (no, really, the radiation chokes the cells in and around the joints). We’re not told, but our diet is actually acidifying and debilitating on our functioning as living beings. I’d estimate that all of the societal controls and constraints lead to us living a life of perhaps 1-2% of our full capacity. And we call this freedom.

We call this freedom, and believe we can imprison or even kill people to prolong it. That there are people that are threatening our extremely limited experience of living. We think we need our water and our meat and our vegetables to keep us living. And we call this freedom. And we’ll kill each other forever and live unsatisfied lives forever.

But maybe we’ll wake up sometime. Maybe we’ll wake and have a particularly lucid moment, or the absolute will give us a message by dreamwork, and then we’ll get a choice (for, we won’t have a choice otherwise) about which direction we go. Do we go in the path of the absolute, which we will get shunned for but we’ll experience life much more fully, or do we keep following the steps of our peers towards this nothingness that we pin a name and construct to?

The sun is praying for all of us, warming us in its springtime hue. Bless us all.

1 thought on “Invigorated to fight

  1. Sujata

    Love your sharing of Skanda Vale and Soma Skanda Ashrams. But don’t be so hard on Westen lifestyle. I grew up in India and it is not a pure, easy simple spiritual life. Most of it is a grind.
    I can’t imagine living anywhere but here, with my open minded society and freedom to choose how I live.
    Keep sharing your beautiful musings though.❤️


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