Old Dragon Breath

May this be for the benefit of and aid to all beings seeking, consciously or not, and praising in, Earth/Divine Mother, and in the Earth as the Great Guide in this humble journey that we share.

Yesterday I visited the Great Oak of Brighstone Grove. I had been called to visit for days previous. The ancestors had directed all happenings in this past week to be of right sort to allow for such a pilgrimage to be of the deepest sort.

I traversed by motorised scooter to the vicinity of the Sacred Grove. This scooter had rejected starting on Thursday evening, a cold and misty evening in Newport with a lot of uncomfortable energy around that made my long wait for alternative transport out of the town a fairly difficult experience. It had then also not started on Friday night when I moved it to another parking space. Then yesterday, at about 12.30pm, it started first ‘kick’, and drove me without problem to Brighstone. The feeling of pilgrimage was strongly within me.

I had arranged to be at a meeting in Freshwater at 1pm, and contacted the hosts that I would be late, for I needed to pilgrimage first to the Great Oak.

I spent just a few minutes by the Great tree, when my head came in and I realised I had to really make move for Freshwater for this meeting. I left the tree, and returned to the scooter. It failed to start first time, and proceeded to reject every attempt to kick-start. I tried to start it for about 45 minutes, having a few different people coming to offer help and support. It took me 45 minutes to realise that I was supposed to be on pilgrimage here, and that pilgrimage is timeless. Everything else in regards to worldly matters is sorted out so that the pilgrimage is allowed to happen.

And I returned to the Great Oak.


...mangala murthi murya!

I sat for a long time on my knees, in prayer/meditation. Surrendering. I had had a challenging last week, and needed this healing reconnection with my ancestral Guides and Gurus.

I came out of sitting with a completely numb right leg, and extended it and laid down and centralised myself on my breathing. Normally the reconnection of the blood stream is uncomfortable and somewhat painful. But this was not. This was a powerful reconnection, as more and more I sunk into the ground and the magnificent energy of protection in this sacred space.

I went into another world. A world between the dream and lucid worlds. Almost like akin to lucid dreaming. And there were different beings visiting me, and offering guidance and support. Beings that let me know that they had always been with me, and now I could see them as they are, I’d found that stillness in place, I could recognise their presence. Sacred feminine energies. Baba and Saint Francis. The formless Guru. The Earth energies, in all plentifulness. The Ether, the Air, the Cosmos.

All the while, I felt vibrational energy within the body that I carry, laid there on the forest floor, shaking the body subtly and intricately. I felt vibrations becoming stronger and more vibrant in the belly and the heart areas. I felt sufferings I’d been carrying for other entities and souls being lifted and transcended. A magnificent lightness, and softening of all of my experiential consciousness.

I was in deep commune with an Earth Spirit that upheld great wisdom and spiritual magnitude.

I was given the opportunity to ask questions that I craved answers for. I found myself having just two that I truly longed for help with. And both relate to my position in worldly happenings.

Should I pursue a monastic life next year? What of becoming a father?

You are already living by monastic discipline and consciousness. There will be no worldly decision that will affect your living as a monk. But you can decide to keep living as a monk or not.
The moment of fathering a child will be the happiest possible experience in life. There is no greater sense of happiness than that.
But there is no right or wrong answer. You will live your karma/path the same regardless of if you are a monk or not, whether or not you father a child. We (the ancestors/Gurus) will be with you regardless of what your worldly decision will be.

I then offered, should the scooter get started for my departure, that I should drive via St Catherine’s and Ventnor, as this would be good for the energy.

There was a rustle of people coming, and a persistent whistle, as communicating with me. I opened my eyes and tilted my head back, and saw Blair and Maitri standing in loving awareness. They were both wary of my physical well-being, and I guess I must have shown signs of being quite in-between worlds.

I thanked the Blessed Grove for hosting this enlightening gathering of between-worlds, shared in some beautiful time with Blair and Maitri, and we made our way to the scooter, bidding farewell until the next time to the Great Oak.

The scooter started on the first kick-start, which I laughed a lot about and mentioned about the ridiculousness of the situation. The ancestors had granted my leaving. Of course I wasn’t allowed to leave earlier when such great souls had made long journeys to meet with me.

I drove the chilly but highly charged route up to St Catherine’s and around to Ventnor, Shanklin, Sandown and back to my base at Brading. Much of the journey I was feeling nauseous but surrendered into the arms of Lord Shiva. What else. What else.
I sung devotional songs to Lord Shiva for the whole journey, understanding that any lapse in concentration from this would put at threat the world directly all around me. It really is just that – either bless or destroy the world around me. And I must, for the sake of all that I traverse alongside as well as this being that I carry, focus solely on the blessing of all that is around me.

2 thoughts on “Old Dragon Breath

  1. Sujata

    Dear Simon, thank you for this beautiful account of your spiritual journey. I hope you don’t mind me looking through your Facebook book profile as it came up on my “suggested” list.
    I’d so love to visit this place. Is it easy to reach by public transport? I’ll be teacelling from Portsmouth by Hovercraft.


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