So Long, Lonesome Hero!

Love & Light to you all.

The light of the body is the eye:
if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be filled with light.

The Bible, Matthew 6:22
He took off his clothes
and she wove a reel
of cloth
over the eye-seal
till the log disappeared
into a little speck.
Thankful he was
that he became lost
in times once forgot.
There are not enough times where I physically bless everything around me in thanks for everything that has come of me.  When once I was lost for everything, today I find myself, as I have for these years, guided by a most supreme magnificence that is beyond duality, beyond material, beyond karmic samsaric delusion.  It is something that may or may not be real, but which is real as ever for me whilst I see my belief, trust and faith in it.

It comes out at me in weird fashion sometimes.  I was in the shower today, with the speakers in the bathroom with me playing an interview with Noah Levine about meditation.  It came to the end of the interview, and he was asked if he had any final comments to make.  I said, out loud,

“meditate and destroy”. 
He said, a couple of seconds later (after collecting his words),
“yes, meditate every day, and destroy all forms of greed, hatred, and delusion,
and dedicate the merit of that to all living beings everywhere.”
This threw me off my feet completely, and I was quickly sitting down in the bath with the cooler end of the shower spitting down onto my crown.  I was completely taken aback as the world took me on a trip like this.  There have been stories of quite a few people now getting these moments of premonition, where it seems like they’ve developed some kind of a great psychic ability to read exactly what is happening in the world.  Maybe we have.  Importantly for me, is the synchronisity that it is a part of.  The synchronisity involves every single one of us. boom and bust.  And I don’t believe that there is one single thing that we can do about it all other than
ride the wave that it has venerated for us.
Crazy things keep on happening to me.  I was told yesterday about the studies done on the pineal gland in the brain that show that it holds light energy.  This suggestion has been put forward for the past thousands of years in scriptures.  I was told, further, about the studies done on the chair in the empty room, before and after somebody comes in and sits on it for a little while.  After the person comes in, light particles related to that person are still found 24 hours after they leave the chair.  This was told to me by a first year psychology student that I met yesterday whilst manning the polling station outside of the university library.  I was astounded.  Check out ‘The Source Field Investigations’, and ignore the subtitle/pretext of it.Last night, for the first time of my life, I slept comfortably in just a sleeping bag whilst it was raining, in the open.  A new page was turned.  I point out these moments whenever they happen because it is quite rare to have a completely new experience like this.  Somehow, everything was fine.  I had my sleeping bag hood up, Sam was cold and wet so I gave her my excess heat, and I just had the rain pittering down on my hood.  It was like being in a tent, with that blooming glorious feeling of being sheltered from the rain but very much connected to the rain.  It was one of those moments, for me, where time becomes the illusion that it was always meant to be.

What more is there to give, now, than Love and Light?
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