The world is releasing its synchronicity – COME QUICK!!!

We act like we’re not one of them. Then go back to the drink and drugs. Find aspirations in a real confusing town.


I listen to the music I haven’t heard in months, months long enough to make this music reach right through to the deeper cores of the soul again. Nourishment, sweet nourishment, I scream silently at the top of my lungs on this sleepy train to nowhereland. It feels good to be getting out of the hectic state of Bath, right now.


I think slightly over the situation I have got myself in, somehow and perhaps reasonably without any effort being expressed, and I am filled with an energy that would shake thousands into laughter fits. The only thing that could possibly make this moment, right now, any crazier would be for them to appear right in front of me right now.


My mind and emotions are kind of telling me they want more, always more, ever more, that they want things to progress still some. I keep telling them SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! and tell them to go back in time a few years and then come back now and see how happy they are.


I feel I am absolutely buzzing full of shakti. I tend to elate with it, and it relates itself with one person, but I feel the need continuously to dispel the cryptic mesh of the sun on the horizon and display it for what it truly is. ONE energy. ONE because we are all one and the same, as we are made of the same flowing substance that passes from one to another to another to anotheranother. This shakti is one and us, and I am just so, so grateful to be receiving it, and to be a part of its circulation.


People keep on slipping up. They keep releasing the most sacred of messages, repeatedly, seemingly without even noticing it. Synchronicity isn’t even a rare phenomenon anymore. Before, it seemed to be restricted to a part of Wiltshire and particular parts of France, to certain specific days, and only seen by those who see. Now it is spreading to everywhere you look, to every moment of every day, and to every area. Surely, this is resemblant of an innate closeness to God that we have all been given. We still say that the true change will come in the future, sometime, and we will all be wholly blessed to receive it. We still say that, despite it being an absolute fallacy to put ourselves into this non-existent future, through which we are able to remain absolutely dumbed to what is actually happening right in front of our very eyes.

We already have it happen. More than ever, ever before. The time is right now. Right right now. He is already here. And so is she. Now is time to see.


Meditation has not happened for me like normal for some weeks.


We’re putting ourselves in boxes. There are going to be piles, as we empty out our drawers, our homes, and then go even further. It’s gonna get sadder, it’s gonna get weirder, until I’m gone.


It’s gonna get sadder, it’s gonna get weirder, until I’m gone. Now I don’t know what I want but regardless thanks a lot for letting me stay on your futon.

But all my books in a box. Put them in a concrete cube and underneath more boxes, hidden behind boxes, I’ll get in one too.


The leaves on the river are irrelevant. They are moving, sure, but they are irrelevant, just as irrelevant as this, and that, is. There is nothing more, and there is nothing less. The just is, just as there always was, always is. We see beauty in the seven seas, in every bit of them. They are fed wonderfully well, helped by those leaves of ours… And I searched and stared, but only the river stared back.


Originally from: on April 25, 2013, 19:00.

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