Did you lose faith?

Yes, I lost faith in the powers that be,
But In doing so I came across the will to disagree,
And I gave up, yes I gave up and then I gave in.
But I take responsiblity for every single sin

Right now, for the second time in just over a year, I am writing on experiences that have been deep and have poured many tears out of me, that have penetrated my very perception of this existence to the crust.

The faith argument came up the other day.  I was waiting for the bus to go to the Transition Bath Cafe, late but at my own pace.  I had been working on getting an essay sorted until 1am the previous night, before going to the friends’ house that I seemed to have had a year gap between visits of, and then walking home at 3am with my bare feet becoming gorilla feet upon the glistening silvery pavement.  I was excited for the Transition meeting, as I was going to see my two new friends again, who I had only met two weeks before but who I already felt a huge connection with.  I was thinking about this other assignment, due for tomorrow at midday, that I hadn’t yet properly started.  I was thinking about the struggles of a friend, who I felt I’d taken a lot of energy off of to transcend.  Things had built up, quite.

That’s when there’ll see that everything was wrong.

Nothing was wrong.
I looked up, and the moon was cheekily grinning at me.

Looking down, looking down, last night I walked along with a whisper in my ear
there ain’t no right or wrong
and we know it won’t be wrong
we’ll just watch it crash
It was there, praying for me and playing with me.
I reached my arms up, said that I surrender, and I surrendered.
I said that I was not surrendering for any purpose.
I did not care for this assignment,
nor did I care for the troubles that go on.
I was surrendering
for surrendering sake.
And you might have thought that you caught my bluff
but where was You when I was Where?
You mistook the bluff
for the World of Love.
It’s all there ever was.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
I have been guided.
Everything went numb
and we lost our thumbs,
our number,
our very reason
for why we got ourselves
this far.


Guided by dust.

Golden dust.



Originally from: http://sisinvincible.livejournal.com/120390.html on March 21, 2013, 20:15.

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