[R]evolutionary Manifestos

I have been on the frontline of the Occupy movement in Bath, UK; have been involved in destroying a conservative protest movement to be replaced by a much more urgent and spiritually resilient, vibrant, movement; have engaged in radical ecology through Transition Bath and in deep consciousness with fellow beings around me; have led a large-scale student campaign for faith provisions; have helped to instigate an alternative form of nightlife through mass freegan meetups; and have had almost all of the latter part of my life centred around instigating grassroots social revolutions.

None of this matters, though.  They are mere beads on an abacus.

Continuous spiritual resurgence and evolution is where it’s at.  Never, ever forget that the world around you is exactly what you make it to be.  You have absolute responsibility for every single thing that is happening in the world.  It is absolutely your duty to make action to turn the world into what you feel it should be, if it shouldn’t be like how it is.


My writings on [r]evolution are mostly long and winding.  Some are shorter and perhaps more discreet.  Many are responding to immediate global panic.  Some are proposing a completely new way of thinking, whilst others are suggesting that we already see the issues and know what needs to be done.

Please follow up the links below to respective categories of my [r]evolutionary manifestos.

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