Faith and Nature: A part-manifesto

I come to the crux of weeks where I couldn’t settle for work and other duties needing to be done. I sit in my train seat with a mad band from King’s Lynn – where I’m headed – whistling through these headphones. I read a writing that my brother, in his sun-crusted Mexican trance, has sent me. He speaks his arrival to the land that he’d attempted to get to for four years, ‘so far from God, so close to the United States’. Of how ‘these are the years of giving back knowledge’. I open my eyes to the world outside – and I see snow covering these lands. The snow that I’d heard illusions of being in the north of the land, but nothing but rain in the east-lands. There is snow here, and it makes me weep with those crazy tears that only the truest blessings can offer.

I fill myself with memories of the last hours. What a ride it has been. I see the last days, and I am gobsmacked. I see the last weeks, and nothing makes sense. I see the last months, and illusion is not even a word anymore. I see the last years, and I am beyond words. This chilli in my belly knows exactly what it is doing. This chilli is the prophet. This chilli is the wisdom. There are no finer words than these.

All of the fields are white, there is a white mist, and I just don’t understand it anymore. Bath-town was so wet and not so cold. I came out without shoes on. It seems like today, against all odds, I will be crunching snow in my bare feet again, for the first time since prepping for the Bath Half some two months ago with Mr Alex, when the snow had clumps of ice in that would chew into the arches in my feet.

I see the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday HQ sitting right next to a huge coal-fired power station, of the same kind as the mad one that Mr Burns owns. On the other side of the power station is an ASDA, and it all kind of interconnects. There are plenty of security cameras, high fences, trees that look like they’re made out of plastic. It’s Didcot Parkway, and I feel a lot of sympathy towards the dwellers within this machine-made place that is encoated with electric carcinogens.

[interestingly, upon a small amount of research, I find that the Didcot power station can CAUSE snow, according to a study from Reading University.  See here:]

[and then, crazily enough, I find that one of the power stations was actually turned off THE DAY BEFORE I passed it, writing this:]

On the other side of this mesh, there is no snow anymore. The fields show a British haze of spring. The snowy mist seems like it was a long way away, for there is absolutely no sign of it on this side of the power plant. This, we are told, is our future. Nothing but electricity, everywhere. We need more, WE NEED MORE!! And I mean that, with all seriousness. We need to be making more electricity. Our lives are not electric enough, and so we are not emitting the glows that we are more than capable of. We need to get away from the façade of electricity that we are shown by the elites, that they claim to be running through wires and that comes from these carcinogenic stations of messed-up-ness, and reconnect with the electricity that was always here in the first place. Our electricity will not churn up the soil into rotten plyths, and neither will it block the natural course of nature.

I see a world which is so far different to this one that is promoted all around me that it may seem to be almost unrealistic. This world will be powered by balance, right through to the core of the earth. When balance is there and truly promoted, we will not any longer need to bring things in any way out of balance unless in creating more balance. We will be a part of this balance, as human beings. Everything will be a part of this balance. It will be like clamping onto a stick – if you are clamped by too much either on the left or right side, as well as too far forwards or too far backwards, or too high or too low, then the balance isn’t quite right. You find the right balance. This is how I see the world will become. It will all be to do with gaining a greater balance – as we have highly destructive actions right now, highly destructive actions happen to us. Once we go to the lesser-destructive, it will all become less destructive.

I must point out the importance of totally Surrendering to it all. Total Surrender is Faith, Faith that All is being Looked After on the highest and lowest levels. When, recently, I lifted my hands to the sky as I had vowed to totally surrender after being so controlling of this life in the weeks previous, I was lifted back onto the much truer path that I had taken this life away from. From then, things have clicked in absolutely dazzling ways. Moments to bring everything to a crux have happened, and the world is forever affected by the actions that have transpired. I am transfixed by this inner divine connection, and it is primarily through this that I scream my lungs into.

Originally from: on March 24, 2013, 13:41.

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