The Summer of empowering the Grassroots Revolution

It is in the absolute deepest of grassroots that all change is now entrusted.

This means that we all, every single one of us, is completely and entirely responsible for the rhythms of the world from now on.

Every action that we do will have an absolute flow. If we know inside that a message or an action is the right action, then we can allow it to become stronger, as a tidal wave escalates over time.

To put it into perspective: in this moment that you are reading this message you can stand up away from the computer, open the nearest window or walk out of the nearest door, and shout/scream whatever first comes to you, even if only silently. This is only one possibility of an action. Obstructing the natural flow of actions is obstructing your own willingness to change everything everywhere for the better good, to become a Healer, to use your intention to make everything into what it should be rather than complaining about it.

There is no possibility now to hide away. Inaction is action just as much as action is action. The intention behind the inaction or the action is what will truly affect and reflect everything.

Grassroots, for me, is the personal journey.

When we sing in the street and are joined by 10 or 15 others who harmonise beautifully – beyond any tonal beauty that’s ever been witnessed before – this is the grassroots having a stronger revolution.

When I say revolution, I mean of things revolving, of things turning around rather than stagnating. Barefoot Revolution was a pun that many people never quite got, it seems. Revolution is of things turning, things circulating, and in circulation things freshen, things release, things become new. It doesn’t have to be a circular revolution – it can be any shape, spiral, even a never-ending spiral if that suits better. It is a revolution for the sake of changing everything by releasing it all, releasing everything that is trapped so that new things can be formed and created.

This is our summer of empowering and entrusting in our grassroots revolution.

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