We have just one chance left: we must conquer ourselves

Communicate. Break every cage. Communicate. Break all our chains.

I asked, and I asked, and I asked. And now I receive, and in a way different form to what I expected. It’s confusing, and hilarious.

Last night, there was the clearest sky I’ve seen in months. I went out there topless, and the crisp air didn’t catch me cold. I was caressed by the warmth of a thousand and twenty five stars of all calibres. Drifting through mazes, everything had become smooth and intoxicating. Love had, again, erupted in majestic awesomeness.

I questioned it, over and over, and got emotionally caught up in it a little. I absorbed much energy, and distorted it through my mind unskilfully at times. I heard myself being told: but wait, this is what it’s all about, no? You get so far, you experience so much, everything feels so pure, and now the world smacks you in the face and you’re stoked. Razor-like, the rebellion, the true revolution of Love that I knew was so true and could never be defeated unlike every other revolution, was beginning to tear away at things so close to my eyes that I couldn’t actually see what was happening.

Bridge To Solace sung:

Your fucking higher power can’t save me. Trust myself… All the things that I love, all the people that I love, are here. Fuck this is why it hurts, why it hurts… Just like you, just like me.

I believe that we are blind until we know the difference. And, to know the difference, we have to be blind from time to time. Yet, somehow, we normally see it as such a travesty to have lost our vision that once felt so good and once took us so far.

How did it feel to fail? How did it feel to feel? All of those times, we tried our very hardest, and our best was never good enough for them. Well, those days have come to an end, my friends. We no longer answer to anyone and this new life is ours to live. The end. This is the end of the way we used to live. The end. The end. This is the death of the days that we were better off dead. No more second guessing. No more fucking patience. No more self-doubt. No more inhibitions. Adapt! Outlast! Adapt! Outlast!

We are restricted by ourselves always, somehow, being in doubt of ourselves. Seemingly as a survival response, we restrict ourselves from truly being the energy that is within ourselves, from truly doing what we are pushed towards doing, from truly being true. And we feel so, bloody, bad about it.

But let me say something about this – it is NOT our ‘self’ that is restricting ourselves. The origin of doubt is not 100% inside. We are NOT responsible for every action we commit ourselves or do not commit ourselves towards doing. And this is a very beautiful thing.

An astonishing amount of restriction comes from the culture that we live amongst. We are told what to think, told what to do, etc etc. Even subtly, we are emitted non-constructive emotion-inducing energies from just watching a TV, or listening to the radio, or reading the press. Do you not think that there is an underlying purpose behind what we’re taking in from these institutions? I notice it all around me – when people I know watch a lot of TV, I can see their emotions are as similar as if they have been eating just haribo sweets for days. The survivalist in them is shocked into submission, and the overriding energies sends them off into tangents that subdue their personal creativities, and defeat others around them. It’s a barrage of mortars from the BBC. A civil war, without anyone even realising it.

This is just one way out of thousands where the natural life-giving energies inside of ourselves are buried instead of invigorated.

Now – for the good news. There are so, so many ways that we can overcome this. We can claim liberation completely from it all. We can give out hugely positive energies to the world around us, which will inevitably instigate others to do likewise, and positive energies will circulate. We can throw our TVs off the tops of buildings (without anyone below to get hurt by them), have newspaper burning effigies, and broadcast our own radio station through the streets rather than through black boxes.




Break every cage.

Just like you.

Just like me.

The spiritual revolution is not an inner revolution. It is a total revolution. It is a revolution of Oneness, of God, of Shiva, of Allah and Nature and Lifeforce and The Universe and Aum and Science and Meta-Science and This, Right Now. It is absolutely everything adapting and outlasting itself to the current need. Beautifully, we get to carry out what is needed, and we can even act like as if we’ve chosen that need.

My Love. My Way.

Originally from: http://sisinvincible.livejournal.com/122072.html on May 02, 2013, 11:53.

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