Subtleties (or, intuitive baby steps into a world quite big and daunting)

This page will contain little writings of happenings that I feel are significant notings as my life goes it’s direction.

It’s also worth reading my blog writings on my pilgrimage to Assisi and then to Somaskanda Ashram in September/October 2017, as each too describe quite symbolic events that I was taken through. Here are the links:

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Saturday 7th October 2017: at end of puja before sleeping, camphor aarthi went out naturally, whilst finishing singing Shiva Shiva Shambho, I closed my eyes, then I felt the light of the Lord there in front of me, I opened my eyes and a little flame was in the aarthi (which lasted about a second). It could’ve been mistaken for a reflection of some light coming from somewhere, but there was no possible light source other than the camphor flame in the room (curtains shut).

Friday 13th October 2017: I felt quite drained of energy, possibly through having done tax return works in the morning/early afternoon. I cycled to the post office and shop, then cycled slowly and allowed my sense of intuition take over. I got feelings of nausea and headaches when I was going the wrong way. This was my guide, as I followed where God wanted me to go. It was a tour of Lake/Sandown, with big spiritual significance for me. I’d rejected the energy of the Isle of Wight upto this point, being energetically still very much in Switzerland. But this cycle changed this. I found God again in the subtle, but in a different characteristic to how God has come to me in Switzerland and generally on my travels. But it’s still God. I had a beautiful time sat under the right Scots Pine on the edge of the cricket ground, reading Sufi tales, settling.

Friday 13th October 2017 (night): I wake at just past 3am. I woke on Tuesday night at this time, overheating and feeling energetically forced out, and ended up having little sleep as a result as it took a few hours until I could sleep again. This time, when I woke the energy was exactly the same. Overheating, and feeling an energy trying to take over/push me out. There was nothing stopping me getting up and conducting a puja. There was also nothing stopping the depth of devotion I would commit to. So I had an amazing puja, invoking not only Lord Shiva but also several Guru aspects like Sai Baba, Guru Sri Subramanium, Amma, and Babaji. I ended up offering the camphor aarthi for a long time whilst turning slowly round, topping up the camphor every so often, until I felt such a point as clearing had happened (which took a good 10 minutes or so). After, I listened to a beautiful recording of Sathya Sai Baba singing a bhajan, and soon went to sleep.