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Can you save my life? ‘Cause I would save your life.

I go to sleep late, at gone 6am because I have a chest full of something and don’t want to sleep on that. I watch hours of Gayzer Frackman’s videos of getting in the way of Cuadrilla at Preston New Road, somehow feeling a part of it.

I do my puja at 5.30, aware that pujas are now happening at Skanda Vale, Wales, and at Soma Skanda Ashram in the Alps. And I am here.

I get into bed, cuddled up tightly to Mummy Bear, comforting life-force throughout everything. Every night at Soma Skanda was the same, and at Skanda Vale before. A good teddy bear, with the best of energies in, makes a world of difference.

Almost immediately I’m in a room, kind of like a classroom. Angela is there, as well as quite a few others I know, and some I don’t know. She’s dramatising something, and I’m unsure of if she’s mad at me or just making drama. It was often that way at Soma Skanda, but really great to have that. She put her eyes to the back of the head, and feigned fainting, and actually did faint, hitting the ground hard, backwards. Within an instant she shrinks in size to a baby, actually becomes a newly born, or maybe even a yet-to-be-born, baby.

The energy completely takes over. The whole room is transfixed, or reacting in extreme ways. I am suddenly feeling extremely sick and dizzy, find a sink but nothing’s really coming out, but I’m imagining that it is. Then I lose all ability to do anything, and fall sideways hard onto the ground. Someone I know does too. We both shake as our bodies shrink very quickly, us about to become lifeless babies.

I wake before it completes, but everything’s suddenly different. I hug mummy bear tightly, and tell her my dream, and she’s there, hugging me, helping me with my breathing. Distance is nothing.

I’d read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull earlier, at about 2am, and the teachings sowed themselves in me. There’s so much to become, we are not this body and this mind, we are everything.

I hear the train running in the distance, and slowly go back to sleep.

Now it is not raining for the first night in a week. I can see everything when I’m up on the Downs. It feels clear. Like we’ve all been through something really quite intense over this past week, and now it’s cleared.

It’s cold, but things have cleared.

Moon yoga heart revolution dream state

[previously unpublished]
Written August/September 2016

I dream of stones, of the marble goporum floor and of testing it’s energy with my energy.  And I dream of these massive temple shelves made out of the most intense bloody heart stone, they’re all buried six feet deep. And then I dream, this morning, of a girl somewhat younger than me kissing me sweetly and shortly on the lips, and we agree it shouldn’t have happened and then her parents make a big deal about it, and especially of my position in living and working in a temple environment, that I should know better.

The murthis arrived now some weeks ago, on a careful afternoon when Markus coincidentally disappeared and I became in charge of their dropping off and it became super intense but everything worked out beautifully. The goporum floor, and that shelves, arrived late on Monday. The floor came into the temple on Tuesday, 2.5 tonnes of beautifully Tiginese white marble, lifted in with a spider digger driven by the top driver of the area, ‘Hitch’. It went into position perfectly. And held the energy completely off Shiva. Last week Markus and I went for four days to Andeer to sand the marble, and the whole time I sang or changed holy things internally whilst polishing this intense form that had been carved into the stone. We had chosen that particular stone some six weeks ago, and even then I knew immediately once the stone had been lifted that the underside was the right one for the temple. It was so incredibly clear. And when it came in, after we’d laid a sticky mortar thing on the concrete base and underneath the marble, it was just about to be placed when it was almost perfectly placed, and then it differently jumped out of position, and then just as suddenly jumped into the absolutely perfect position, like, perfectly parallel all the way around. The Lord had arrived.
Today the goporum wooden form arrived, a much more complicated procedure, but beautiful to be a part of.

Waiting to fall in love again…….

And I feel more and more drawn to developing my craftsmanship in working with stone. It is so, so beautiful to polish a good stone. The stone of the murthis is an incredible black Indian granite but with gold bits and amazing deep universe bits too.mmmmmmm…