There is nothing else.

Because of modern ‘developments’, what was once possible in our stage of evolution is not anymore, and where once we were capable we are no more.

This is why I haven’t written readily as of late. The blinding of the soul and spirit by the smartphone revolution is so great that I rarely see any of the clarities that once propelled me to and fro.

Now I move by state of either necessity or accident. Actions are so long drawn-out that the sensation of synchronicity is behind me, and I am becoming more of a cog in this machine that I worked for most of my life against being a part of.

I am encapsulated in a seeming endless state of disassociation and not-really-feeling. I am not there. I am not here. I am not, I just am not.

And does this lead me anywhere? Does it help when I remember all these times of past that were so rich with vitality, that seem almost like scenes from a movie that have nothing at all to do with me except for that there’s an emotive response I feel, deep inside me, that overrides everything else and makes these thoughts become worthless?
What is it all worth, if anything at all?

Is this an explosion of the anatma, the true realisation of the non-self? Or is it sensual apathy, nothingness brought on by a society of pseudo-everythingness existence?

Hare Krishna. Hare Rama. There is nothing else.

3 thoughts on “There is nothing else.

  1. Anna Sphondylium

    ‘To arrive at a certain goal means that you have simply acquired the most efficient tools to continue your fight.’ May every challenge bring a gift of tools and deepened understanding. X

    1. Anna Sphondylium

      Simon your writings are beautiful you are a natural story teller, it has been heart warming to read some of them. Also, i have been really struggling to face reality recently, i got totally drawn downwards in a pretty traumatic spiral which postponed the move i have recently made. I thought life would never be the same again, i felt such a loss and disconnection. I have not been writing much purely because ive not felt like i had much positive to write about. Reading some of your writing has been a big reminder to just face it, and embrace it as it is, in a non judgemental way. This pain, too, is an absolute aspect of life. Today i have written my way to greater clarity thank you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heartfelt nature with us.

      1. siinvincible Post author

        Thank YOU, Anna!

        And I’m really happy that the writing transmits well. I write when it feels right to write – I have countless attempts to write, plenty of draft writings that never get published because a deeper feeling doesn’t feel right about them; there is a conflict there. I don’t know what it means to publish just what feels right to – I don’t know if that’s the universe telling that those particular pieces are necessary or what…. But I understand that it’s just as important to write about less positive things as it is about positive. Getting to become true to oneself gives a great clarity, and sometimes it can be an ultimate truth to really feel all of the darkness and plight that is within us. But remember that you’re not alone in it all, and that darkness that is there is a shared darkness that we all take on too at one time or another.

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