Every soulful spiritual teacher seems to be saying the same thing at the moment.

We, the youth, the young of the world, we are now empowered to take forward our visions.  We have ridden it out for so long, waiting and waiting, and now it is time.  Now it is time.

You are absolutely certain, and so am I.

Lama Chime Rimpoche spoke at the 40th Anniversary of Marpa House, in Essex, of how happy he is to be handing it all over to such a capable group of young people.  He gave some names, and pleasantries, and it was all very formal.  He has spoken in a few videos, on the internet, of how the youth will take the dharma into new directions, they will take it forward, they hold the duty for it.

I remember seeing a band at GreenBelt festival in summer 2010, a punk band called 100 Philistine Foreskins, who gave an anthemic message at the end of their surprisingly lively set.  I was surprised because I didn’t think much of them as a band and yet the youth in the crowd were going crazy to them.  They finished their set with a crashing crescendo of chords and drums and shouts, and vocalist shouting ‘this scene is now your scene.  We are passing it on to you!  You need to take it forward, it is your duty to take it forward, make it great because you’re great!!’ and there were tears streaming out of the door, sweat pumping the air vents, and laughter in my belly out of sheer delight.  This was a Christian music festival that somehow I had ended up going to, and this was a crazy band passing the baton on to the crazy Christian youth.

Yesterday, at the Oldfield Park Baptist Church, the layman Dy gave the sermon because the vicar was away.  In his gripping, tinglingly emotional sermon, at one point he spoke of the how the young people are to now take the church into new directions.  It is our movement, he said, it is us youth that is to grip hold of the church and transform it, bring back the truths of the church, make it real-er than ever before.  We are We.  We can now act, make it what are visions are telling us.

I see myself as a dharma leader.  I see myself as a christian leader.  I see myself as a muslim leader.  As a rasta leader.  As a hindu leader.  As an agnostic leader.  As an anarchist leader.  As a conservative leader.  As a gay leader.  As a futurist leader.  As an academic leader.  As a grassroots leader.  As a mainstream leader.  I see myself as all of that.  And I hope you see yourself as all of it too.  We can lead it all together.  We have the energy, we now make the decision to use the energy.

Join me, please, in transforming the world.


Originally from: http://sisinvincible.livejournal.com/122306.html on May 06, 2013, 19:55.

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