Anahata — Unbeaten


It is absolutely packed full of love, at the moment, for you all and for me and for the oneness of everything.  Everything is a part of me; there is no divide between me and absolutely everything.

This heart

will never die.

Ram Dass giving a guided meditation on TOTAL AWARENESS in 1968, shortly before his absolutely iconic book Be Here Now was published.

I look around me, with my minds eye whilst my physical eyes were closed.  There was a room full of people there for something, but at the time it wasn’t quite love.  I was so deeply steadied in my heart at this time, so I gave out an absolutely massive hug.  It covered the whole room with golden energy.  I repeated a few times, throughout the night.  I felt so, so much love and adoration towards everybody that was there.  Sometimes someone would stumble into me, and there would be a crisp, freely-flowing, deep-rooted hug absolutely going to them.  So much love.  So, so much love.

I heard stories the other day of gang warfare – of one gang sorting out a problem of respect by using a lot of violence to teach the others a lesson.  I was crying but not showing my tears.  It was the same sadness as

the woman who was displaced from her home just before Christmas because of getting the police involved when she was getting domestically abused by her husband.  She was told that she needed to leave the house, and she had nowhere to go but the streets with her dog.  She left her two young girls behind.  Now she gets to see them once a week.  The girls are 7 and 9.  They have lost their mother, for now at least, to the streets.  There is nothing she can do about it.  What more could I do than pay for her room for the night and give her as much love as I could muster at the time, whilst taking on as much suffering as I could too, and cry with her?
Gang warfare, right there in front of me.  My heart sees through it, and tells me this is not what it seems.  There are people’s hearts that have been hollowed by superficialities.  Just as, in this country, when people are consumed by the ‘norms’ of buying their happiness at low, low prices in Hollister [Hollister also happens to be the town of the famous Biker Revolt of 1947, where outlaw bikers wearing patches on their jackets showing ‘1%’ showed that they weren’t a part of the law-abiding 99%] and glamming up and losing themselves through the shadow show of the mirror.  No more food for the glory of it all.  There are so, so many cases of disconnection from the comfort and guidance of the heart.  My example is a mere tapping on one of the infinite surfaces that are right in front of me.

Noah Levine writes:

The Buddha is reported to have said that he thought “only a handful of people in each generation”
– the spiritual 1%ers – would be willing to do the hard work of training the heart and mind through
meditation, ethical behaviour, and unconditional love for all sentient beings……

It makes sense that the path of love and compassion, of kindness and appreciation, is tread only by
the 1 percent of this world who have had the good fortune to find the willingness to reject the false
teachings of religion and have turned inward to find the truth for themselves.

Noah Levine, The Heart of the Revolution, 2011, pp. 2-3.
They call me middle class.
They say that I am over-privileged which and that I’m taking the piss by working with love so much.
They say that I wouldn’t have this mentality if I were poor and beaten down.
They act like as if they somehow have some kind of knowledge over my life.  That the majority of my time in between school and beginning university of probably only validly being placed in the underclass is imaginary.
And they act like as if these categories should somehow explain the whole situation.
Well, I remind them of the numerous saints and sages who have grown up in the most serene of adversities, and risen through it all.  Love is all that it needs.
I am not excusing myself.  I am you, and your thoughts are reflective of what I have created in the world.  It may be needed, this cynicism.  Or it may need to be worked through.  Be with your cynicism, and allow me to work through it.  We will work together.
We will make this world revolutionary through love.
My heart is beating, and on every beat I notice a depth of love that has never before existed there.  I am getting there.  I am repairing everything of what has happened to me, and all around me.  Love needn’t be conditional on having a partner in crime.  It shouldn’t be, in my opinion – love should not, ever, be repressed like that.  Never.  I vow to never contain this love into one direction.  I vow to make it uni-directional.
I love you like the sea.  Everlasting sea.
I love you like the earth.  Ever-ruling earth.
I love you like the sun.  Ever-shining sun.
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