Manifesto to a new Ecology

The world is spinning out, and we see it all around us.

Reasons why we don’t act on it make me weep.

We have just one chance, and that one chance is right here and right now.  We cannot think about either the past or the future.  Change does not happen like that.  Floods will not stop by planning for the future, or writing about the past.  Nor will bee extinction, or snow in May.  We are adaptable beings, but the world is far more adaptable than we are.  We may well go extinct, as in, we, the human race, by the turn of the next century.  It is ludicrous, because it is making the rich get richer.

The sense of stewardship has appeared to have subsided.  We have a duty to make the world brilliant and beautiful for the future generations, and it is through this that the future will respect their ancestors.

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