Krishna Das is fuelling many things right now, but there’s so much energy there nevertheless.


Yesterday seemed to be an absolutely ground-breaking day for me.  There was a fuzz around all day – people had had headaches all day, fuzzy headedness, there was a bit of tension and it was moggy and humid and stuff.  Things connected in absolutely crazy ways.  It was a really long day, and I knew it would be because I was quite meticulous with the planning out of it – there were a lot of things I had to do, and it all had to happen at certain times.  It went wrong right at the beginning, when I missed my bus to campus.  I hitched miraculously, and it was absolutely awesome, then caught my bus back to town and had a talk about revolution with a guy on the bus.  He’s into socialism, and so I told him to connect with Reiss.  Then re-connected with my friend Tara at Tea House Emporium, which was really nice.  Then had dinner with Chris and his parents at Yak Yeti Yak.  Left early to go to badminton – but noone was at badminton.  So I went to the Bath People’s Assembly.  Absolutely crazy.  There was a guy who had a towel over his head and skiing goggles and called himself ‘Anon’.  I talked with him a lot about Occupy – he lived at Occupy London for 8 months, and has had a ‘reading week’ for the last 52 weeks and is now going to get back on it.  He sees that homeless people will bring about change before any political group does – because political groups are invariably ran by middle class people who care more about keeping their jobs/about money than about bringing about actual change.  Homeless people don’t have that drawback at all – they’re much more free.  I support his truths wholeheartedly.  Revolution comes about through asceticism – through giving up what is comfortable, through giving up everything.  Revolution is rejecting everything that we’ve clung onto, going absolutely free, and bringing about the change through that freedom.  It’s about saying ‘it all does not matter’, because where is the care about anything when the heart is driving you forward with such a pace of a beat that nothing else, really, exists?


Anyway, I met up with freegans at Kingsmead.  We had chocolate habanero chilli sauce, which is fairly hot, on bits of cheesy bread, followed by a jam donut each, then a bit of licorice.  I went to the loo and came back to two big bald guys asking me if I could juggle.  I said everyone could juggle.  They asked me lots of other questions, whilst we were collectively juggling, and the answers that came out were natural, absurd, and free-flowing.  They asked me why I didn’t where shoes, and I said that shoes didn’t exist.  Then they asked me if razors existed, and I said that that was a really tough question to find an answer to.
Then a girl came over who knew Alex, and somehow she said about liking hot chillies. I gave her some chocolate habanero chilli sauce on bread.  She liked it very much.  I told her all about Skanda Vale, because she asked me if I was a Hare Krishna devotee.  She said that she was a Krishna devotee, and we realised that we’d met at the Rathyatra at the end of May.  She went her way to go out with her friends with chilli in her belly.


Then we went diving.


We split at Bathwick Tescos a little, and went down the road and ended up sitting for quite some time by some plants at the end of a road.  I picked elderflower for everyone.  I talked to Cath for a long time, but was very sleepy and probably ready to go home and sleep.  I can’t remember who I hugged – either Cath or Alex – but a song started to come out, and I was just singing it and then Alex definitely joined in.  Within a matter of minutes, we were all singing really loudly, until we decided we had to move on.  Alex decided that we would go through town on our way home.


This was when it happened – when it all collided.


I don’t know how it came about, but last night we completely re-instigated that revolution we’ve been talking of for a while.  There was absolutely no separation as we – myself, Hipster, Cath and Alex – were joined by upto 10 others at one point opposite Yak Yeti Yak at about 2am singing at the tops of our voices a tune that had no words, and was extremely spiritual and had the rings and throngs of revolutionary empowerment, of things completely changing forever, of us going completely beyond the system into this oneness of just being the singing and there was nothing else.
Alex said, when we were walking quite a while later, that he felt at the totality of existence.  I’m not sure I could refute this at all.  And, the thing is, so many others – people who were even fairly drunk and on a night out – had the same spiritual absolute connection to somethingness.  People had their arms in the air shouting ‘praise Jesus!’, people were holding their hearts, there were tears, there was some kind of crazy togetherness where there was no more separation at all in the world.. On two different occasions we all linked at the shoulders and the singing became extremely energised and we were jumping up and down for at least a minute singing at the tops of our voices.  It was just one melody – which none of us can remember now but it’s recorded on Alex’s phone as well as a number of other peoples/passers bys – with the timbre of ‘la’ from our voices.
Now the plan is to do a last-minute filming of what happens tonight if we go out again.


Where it goes from here I’m unsure.  It is clear, though, that something has been tapped into.  We now have an absolutely renewed power backing our love approach.  There is no halting us when we are in song like last night.  Once we spread it and learn to use it for unconditionality, for boundless love, we will have changed things on a massively grand scale that is unheard of previously.

If not now, when?

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