You may have lost your way… SING ABOUT IT……

It all does not matter.

It all, really, does not matter.

How did I ever wake up here?

I woke the other night, on the couch a few metres from the embers of the open fire in the living room of my childhood home.  The energy that forced me into sheer terror years ago passed right through me.  It chilled and shattered even the smallest fibres inside of my bones.
Something was different this time.  Something was as different as could possibly be.
My reaction was not out of fear towards this being, this spirit, this energy.  Even though it woke me at perhaps 4am, and I was still in quite a sleeping state, my instinctive reaction, as has been cultivated within me in recent times, was to immediately transcend the energy with Love from the purest part of my heart.
My body emanated as I taught it to, and it proved to me that this stuff that I call Love can and will really Move Mountains.A recent tantaliser for my mind concerns the true unconditionality of this Love.
For what Reason, Simon, must you go
so unconditional.  You leave others out.

I see that it is my calling, Venerable Yogi.

What of others’ callings to be Loved by you?
Love goes through these eyes to everyone.
What of those who cannot Love unconditionally?
I feel that Everyone can Love unconditionally.
Some hold on to ‘things’ too much, and so don’t
allow for the boundlessness of their Love to
sprout out.
Where is the place for Romantic Love
when all Love is Unconditional?
Romance is an emotion in itself, as separate of
Love in the True sense.  As Love is boundless and
in the True sense Unconditional, Romance is
completely separate from the True nature of Love.
Romance is the joy-encrusted connection between
spirits, and it can be incredibly vast.  Romantic Love
can happen between two absolutely microscopic
cells of a leaf, for instance.  And it can happen between
trees – many of them can be entangled in this rich
romantic merriment.  You will know it when you walk
through that stretch of forest.  You will most likely fall
in Love, too.  Romantic Love can join a human Being
with a grain of sand.  Romantic Love can likewise join
a human Being with the experience of diving into a
freezing cold ocean, and feeling exhilaration and
like they’ve finally found it, in that one big moment.
And don’t ever suggest to a religious person that
they are not in Romantic Love with that that they
Pray to.  It’d be a tough one for them to answer, but
I am sure that, deep inside, that form of Love is
inexplicably felt.
Do you feel that procreation can happen
without Love being there?
Look at it like this: When you make food for someone
else, you normally have them in your mind in some way
whilst you are cooking.  If you are feeling Loving towards
the other person, you will put Love into the food that you
are cooking.  You will literally emit the Love if you are
feeling Loving feelings.  The food will thus absorb the
Love, and the other person will taste that Love if they are
sensitive to it when they eat the dish.  Compare this to
procreation, and it seems pretty crucial to creating a loving
baby that a deeply-felt Love is being mutually given off by
all those that are involved throughout the whole process. 
You are leaving there to be many mysteries.
Where is your Love for your family, for friends,
for that ‘special someone’?  You can’t honestly
suggest that this ‘unconditional love’ stuff can
replace good, honest Love to those that you are
closest to…?
I am suggesting a whole new take on Love, through an
expressive emotional freedom.  Whilst yes, there are people
who will inevitably receive a lot more Love off me than others,
the desire that I have of not limiting my Love to particular
people means that I can feel absolute Free in expressing
it to Everyone and Everything.  So whilst I am closer to some
people than others, and thus do give out more Love to those
that I am closest to (this happens naturally however, without
my influence, as I am merely emitting a continuous stream of
Love to Everyone and Everything around me, and with some
people spending more time with me or are on my mind more
they naturally do receive a greater amount of this Love
emission as compared with those/that that I do not spend as
much time with), the Love is always there for everyone and
everything, and will, of course, go out to everything that is
closest to my heart in the present moment.
How does this work with those that are on your
mind?  How would they know that they are receiving
Love from you?  Could it be possible that they may
not want to receive Love from you?
It is very unfortunate if they/it do/es not want to receive Love
from me, but I extremely much doubt that to receive this
Love that is so unconditional would do anything more than
absolute miracles for the person/thing.  That is what Love is
for me.  And, I do not see it as being ‘my’ Love.  It is everyone’s
Love, and it just happens to be passing through my Heart at
this exact moment.  It is yours before you know it.  And yours.
And even Yours.  Receive it, and you have got the Love now.
What if you were to have a baby?  Would you only
give it the same amount of Love that you give
everyone and everything else?
Chances are, I would be around the Baby a whole lot more
than I am around everyone and everything else.  Thus, I would
naturally give out a lot more Unconditional Love to the Baby.
I would most likely choose to be around the Baby much more
than everyone and everything else, so that I could do this.  But I
would in no way close myself off from giving out Love to Everyone
and Everything else.  People and things would still come to my
mind, and I would see this Love directing out towards them and it.
See, for me, this Unconditional Love stuff is a projection, with the
objects as being meandred into the thoroughfare of the projection.
If and when I would like someone/something to receive more Love,
I work to meandre their being into the path of this emission of Love.
That is all there is to it.  There is a continuous emission – which I
have to upkeep – and there are situations and things to put into the
path of the emission, so that they can soak it all up.
You have to upkeep the emission?
How is this done?
Mainly through keeping it working.  I’ve got to be giving out huge
amounts in order to be receiving the huge amounts to give out still.
Think of it like a sponge – if the sponge does not press out all of its
water, it cannot absorb any more water.  It can only refresh the
water supply by pressing out the water that it holds.  This is how my
heart works – and I don’t doubt that it is likewise how every heart
around works.  Keep pressing out the Love, and the Love keeps on
being refreshed.  It is always around, everywhere, to be absorbed.
Why we don’t see it all the time I do not know – but take my word for
it, it is ALWAYS there.  No matter what situation is going on.  A
wonderful thing for me is that it is often in the most hard-hitting of
times, when there is the most suffering going on, that it seems that
there is the greatest refreshment opportunity for the Love.  This
is perhaps because so much Love is willingly received in these times.
For me, mindful hugs are really important for keeping me focussed
on my heart, and on the Love that is inside of it.  Also, taking some
of those stopping-the-world-around-me deep breaths into the heart
has a similar effect.  And when I am struggling, I send Love to the
struggling.  This attains an instantaneous connection with the Heart!
There are many ways of cheating the system like this.
The system??!
The system of Love holding a form or a method to it.  The system
that seems to be recognised all around us.  This system need not
be kept to, if you see another way of doing it all.  My utmost Love
is with you throughout this whole journey of ‘self’-discovery that you
are going through.  I Love You.  And I always will, no matter if we are
around each other or not.  If you are around me, just as if you are
around anyone/anything else you Love, you will naturally feel a
receiving of much Love, whilst when you are physically away from me
you may not be able to connect the Love that I am sending you with
the ‘me’ that is sending it.  This is okay.  Just receive the Love, and
be Loved, Lovely Person.
Originally from: on March 11, 2013, 23:48.

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